Digital Banking's Resolutions for 2018

High-quality article that lists 5 resolutions that financial institutions should focus on to stay competitive in the marketplace.  Here are 4 of the 5:

>  Commit and Apply (internal) Data & Analytics -- using customer data and analysis reports to customize and optimize customer experience, especially in reference to recommendations and advice based on client specifics;

> End-2-End Digital Path -- for clients to research, shop, purchase, and utilize financial service offerings digitally, without being forced to engage a separate channel (i.e. physical branch location); being able to acquire and onboard clients seamlessly through these digital processes;

> Partner & Collaborate with FinTechs -- going beyond the newest features in the marketplace, and focusing on technology enhancements that offer problem-solving, and ease of use / access to clients, anytime and anywhere; 

> Updating Need for Branches -- as customers have utilized online & mobile services for quick convenience and transacting, the need to visit a branch continues to decline drastically; additionally the increased usage of digital for customers researching and making decisions on financial services has dramatically gone up

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