Bitcoin Bubble to Pop? It's Likely and Here's Why

Credit:  Boston Globe

Credit: Boston Globe

Bitcoin investors are looking forward to another record-breaking year in 2018, as 2017 showed what was possible for the new era of cryptocurrencies worldwide.  At the other end, opposing parties firmly believe that the meteoric rise will definitely come crashing down. Here are the key arguments as to why the Bitcoin bubble will likely burst:

> Lack of acceptance from government (which would impact central bank's control over money supply), and lack of businesses (forcibly) having to accept bitcoins as payments 

> Anonymity of bitcoin origination and usage increases the risk of its exchange for illegal activities (i.e. drugs, human trafficking, tax evasion, terrorism, etc.), which also reduce the likelihood of government support 

> Blockchain (the innovative ledger technology that makes Bitcoin work) is available openly to all cryptocurrencies - - it is not unique or under patent solely by Bitcoin

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