Can I use your content in my media?

YES. We ask that you please make sure to link to the original post. If there are multiple articles or a specific area you’re interested in featuring on your site, please reach out and we’d be happy to collaborate. Please feel free to click here to contact us.

do you accept ideas or content from other sites?

YES. We are open to sharing and discussing content from other industry ideas and sites, especially from experts and companies within the field. Please feel free to contact us.


While FinTechtris may feature content discussing cryptocurrency as an industry area and trending topic, we do not offer advice, analysis, or opinions about buying / selling cryptocurrency.


do you only present the interests of particular companies or products?

NO. We closely and openly follow industry trends and changes across multiple sectors within FinTech. Content that focuses on a particular company, product, or sector comes from the dynamic innovation or leadership within that area.

how about guest writers?

We enjoy featuring guest writers on FinTechtris, especially those with expertise of the industry landscape outside of the U.S.


Any sponsorship of articles, newsletters, or other content will be clearly labeled and identified for all readers — and the content will directly connect with other discussions / dialogue on the site.