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The Year of Customer Experience for Financial Wellness

With 10 years having passed since the Financial Crisis, many consumers have not fully recovered from its effects on their financial health. Individuals now demand a best-in-class customer experience in banking that goes beyond convenience, access, and design -- to deliver improved financial wellness, as consumers urgently focus on building savings, improving credit, and other long-term financial goals.

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SECTOR SPOTLIGHT: Wealth Management in FinTech

Legacy institutions and brokerage firms no longer have dominant control over the wealth management sector due to the disruptive forces of FinTechs who cater to all customer segments with similar offerings at a fraction (or no) cost.  These companies are allowing individuals to start building wealth now at a young age through multiple financial options.

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The 2018 FinTech100 Ranks the Best-in-Class

The FinTech100 is an extensive annual report created by KPMG and H2 Ventures, showcasing the industry trends and innovative global companies in FinTech that are driving the most disruption through technology.  The 2018 FinTech100 was released earlier this month and marks the fifth edition of the report (going back to 2013), which continues to discuss indicators of change, and potential strategic opportunities for growth.

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