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Blockchain as a Privacy Solution

From online banking to healthcare and social media, personal information is widely available and easily exposed more than ever before.  The trend of  smartphone applications tracking location, financial, and biometric data to make common day-to-day activities easier and convenient, has only intensified the debate on privacy.  With higher risk has come an increasing rate of privacy breaches that have prompted blockchain projects to be developed as a solution to address this issue with security and transparency.

Beyond Hype: How Blockchain Changes Logistics

There are multiple industries and fields around the world in need of changes due to outdated processes and structures.  Numerous startups have taken on this need for last few years, especially in the area of logistics and supply chain, showing some traction in implementing efficient blockchain solutions across the industry.

Cryptocurrency, as the Next Evolution in Finance

Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency movement, evolved from the financial crisis of 2008 as an industry solution that could stand alone on its own, without an intermediary or governing authority.  In the last 10 years, the crypto sector has gained popularity and mass appeal from its tremendous growth (especially in 2017).  Despite all the headlines, there is still some mystery as to how cryptocurrency can benefit the global financial system, and what else exists beyond Bitcoin.

Unlocking Blockchain's Cash Flow Potential

Blockchain is becoming widely known as the next big innovative technology, impacting the future of how we do business. The issue faced today is that the answer blockchain provides is still searching for problems to solve that customers are willing to pay for. Which problems will be most realistic and profitable to solve for blockchain?