Is Blockchain for You? It’s Not Too Late to Find Out


As we reach mid-2018, blockchain (the technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin) has become even more popular and widely discussed.  For many that have put off learning about the new tech, there’s still time to get hands-on as a beginner with large, well-known exchanges like Coinbase and Robinhood, which offer a few major coins to invest; and move up to index and hedge funds (such as Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index) later to help navigate the volatility from single ownership of tokens.  

Even with some foundational knowledge, deciding from numerous projects, companies, and coins on what to invest in next can seem daunting - - here are a few key concepts to keep in mind when considering your next move with blockchain:

 -  Only invest what you’re comfortable with losing is a critical disclaimer that needs to followed due to all the volatility and (current) lack of regulation in the industry;

- Focus on companies and platforms that are developing tools directly addressing today’s customer painpoints, instead of potential future problems, by leveraging blockchain’s main benefits of decentralized trust and efficiency;  some examples are:

> Platforms offering all stakeholders (internal and external) complete transparency and a process for tracking flow of expenditures (on ledgers);

> Payment (compensation) channels that eliminate fee-based intermediaries;

> Utility and security tokens which deliver a larger service (such as smart contracts that activate when two parties complete specific tasks) with added benefit of enhanced security and validation.  

Blockchain is still an industry in its infancy, despite ramping up tremendous interest with institutional investors.  There is still opportunity for smaller retail investors to jump in before larger, commercial funds start pouring in - - which may happen sooner depending on looming regulation from governments around the world.  For those individuals willing to research business models, founding teams, new tokens to be issued, and overall growth in blockchain - - there may be initial investments with enormous long-term potential growth.  

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Image Credit -  The Merkle / Nulltx