AI, the Next Level for FinTech


There is no slowing down fintech as it continues to disrupt traditional financial institutions and processes with innovative technology and enhanced user experiences.  The next level of disruptive technology to be applied by fintechs is AI (artificial intelligence).

 As competition within the fintech area dramatically increases with more investments in new startups by sector and region, firms of all sizes are looking to stay relevant with technological advances.  AI offers the ability to deliver critical insights and analysis on large volumes of data through algorithms.  For individuals, AI can help improve how they budget by analyzing past spending behaviors and saving patterns.  For businesses, analytics and intelligence reporting from AI can help make key decision making more efficient and timely.

 The challenge with AI is how companies will maintain a 'human connection' with customers and employees.  When it comes to an individual’s finance, many decisions ultimately come down to emotional, “gut-feelings.”  Customers may still want to hear recommendations from another person that they can empathize with and draw on recent experiences, instead of just data.

The fintech firm that will best deliver a simple, convenient and "connected" user experience with client-specific insights from AI - - will provide the most long-term value for customers and stakeholders.

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Image Credit - ERP in News