Be Ready for AI Impacting You at the Office

Artificial Intelligence, no longer just a buzzword, will have a major impact to work and how your company runs its business.  Our current digital age of technology shaping and enhancing experience will welcome AI and its multiple benefits for employees and customers.

> Employee experience will feature AI-powered training that delivers high-quality modules to develop and sharpen in-field strategy and problem-solving skills, without the need to have other employees train and on-board new staff; once employees are actively in the field, AI will provide valuable and timely insights on their monitored activities that they can quickly use to adjust behaviors - - minimizing the time supervising managers spend coaching / managing each direct report.  For example, as a VP of Sales supervising four Product Managers remotely, I would have AI reporting updated throughout the day with detailed information on lead list calls, outreach efforts, appointments, deal closings, insights and best practices recommendations - - broken down by individual contributor.   After a brief review of the findings, I'd jump right into a discussion with my employee.  DONE!  No need to go through multiple pages of data, create reports, and generate an action plan.

> Customer experience focused on making lives better by improving employee-client interactions (e.g. dialogue and presentation), and AI reception bots directing incoming customers correctly after name / face recognition and asking more questions.

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