Fintech using AI and Machine Learning to Reach Millennials

Millennials are a generation full of tech-savvy consumers that live for innovation, sleek design, and the latest tech.  Underneath the surface, however, these users highly value convenience (products widely available at anytime), customization (services specifically designed for them), and transparency (clear understanding of what they're paying for, and all its benefits).   Fintechs have clearly embraced these value propositions with use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A current example is the robo-advisers, which uses big data, AI, and machine learning to provide improved investment advice over human counterparts, and essentially saving companies (and clients) in higher commissions and management fees.

Fintechs are able to move faster than traditional institutions (banks and investment firms) to cater to all the needs of millennials in real-time; the challenge for these disruptive startups is not only creating a game-changing product, but an overall brand that customers can trust and do even more business with.

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