About FinTechtris

We empower individuals and communities through awareness of financial technology’s impact on improving financial wellness.

The financial services industry continues to transform vigorously due to a flood of innovative products and services, new business models, channels, and platforms.

Customers continue to demand convenience, efficiency, and transparency. Combined with pressures in regulation, minimizing costs, and growing investment — financial technology (FinTech) continues its ongoing trend of disrupting innovation globally, influencing how we live and work both today and in the future.

As the FinTech industry begins to mature, companies are leveraging technology on behalf of individuals that struggle financially (e.g. establishing credit, reducing debt, establishing savings) or are “unbanked” (unable to qualify for a bank account due to income, credit, location).

Our Vision

FinTechtris is an industry resource to both consumers and businesses in evaluating the (current and future) influence of financial technology, offering value to the global community by:

  • Providing thought leadership from a variety of industry sources on critical developments in FinTech;

  • Discussing news, trends, and insights from various regions worldwide;

  • Sharing analysis and strategy on industry opportunities and threats;


is the Director of Content at FinTechtris.

With over 10 years of experience in financial services and banking, William is passionate about FinTech helping individuals around the world improve their lives, and gain financial wellness through innovative products, services, and companies.


is the Content Contributor at FinTechtris.

Business journalist and digital marketing professional with over eight years' experience in ad agencies. Currently focusing on FinTech and Digital Transformation application for social impact.